JetBrains Research

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Research areas

Computational Biology

The science of using biological data to develop algorithms and models in order to better understand biological systems and their relationships.

Data Science and Machine Learning

The use of statistical methods and deep learning to design novel approaches to analyzing data patterns, extracting knowledge, and creating solutions for research and industry.

Mathematics and Physics

The application of methods and algorithms derived from mathematics and physics to other areas of science and technology.

Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Fundamental research into new programming languages and software development tools.

Robotics, STEM

A collection of scientific disciplines aimed at the development of new research technologies and robotics.

Scientific projects

JetBrains Research is a private enterprise created to support scientific projects that can make a difference to society and advance the current state of science and technology.

It incubates and nurtures projects in a diverse range of fields, such as particle physics and software engineering.

Since 2012, JetBrains Research has helped more than 100 researchers and teams achieve astounding results in 10 ground-breaking projects.

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