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Astroparticle Physics

Novel analysis of archival KASCADE-Grande data

Nikita PetrovActive

KASCADE-Grande was a very successful large detector array which recorded data during more than 15 years on site of the KIT-Campus North, Karlsruhe, Germany. After the decommissioning the data was published in the frame of KASCADE Cosmic ray Data Center (KCDC). We are the first group reanalyzing these data with machine learning techniques, which uncover opportunities for both improving the reconstruction of the mass composition of the cosmic rays as well as for search for ultra-high-energy photons beyond 1 PeV, which have not been discovered so far.



New insights from old cosmic rays: A novel analysis of archival KASCADE data

August 2021

D. Kostunin, I. Plokhikh, M. Ahlers, V. Tokareva, V. Lenok, P.A. Bezyazeekov, S. Golovachev, V. Sotnikov, R. Mullyadzhanov and E. Sotnikova

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