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Astroparticle Physics

Outreach and Arts

Victoria TokarevaActive

Besides pure science our group is working on outreach projects as well studying different approaches of artistic representation of scientific data and results.

The Great Mathematical Workshop

Our team participated in The Great Mathematical Workshop with the project "Hunting for Space Accelerators: Searching for Ultrahigh Energy Photons Using Machine Learning". The aim of the project was to develop a sensitive ML-based method for classification of the primary particle type using archive data from the KASCADE-Grande detector. During the workshop we tested several methods: CNN, Self-Attention MLP, Ensemble of ML models, and achieved a high degree of background suppression, which shows the prospects of chosen approaches.

International Cosmic Day

International Cosmic-Ray Day is an international outreach event which brings together high school students, teachers, scientists and outreach enthusiasts all around the world. For the ICD-2021 our team prepared the following online activities:

  • Introductory lectures on physics of cosmic rays and detection techniques
  • A number of master-classes on data preparation and visualisation as well as data analysis employing machine learning and deep learning models
  • An outreach application, based on KASCADE data, which helps the students, not familiar with programming, to get a grip about data wrangling and analysis in the field of astroparticle physics.