The goals of our group are to uncover the mechanisms underlying epigenetic regulation in humans and animals and to identify the role of these mechanisms in cell differentiation and aging. The project topics cover novel data analysis algorithms, effective Next Generation Sequencing data processing tools, scalable computational pipelines, visualization approaches, and meta-analysis of existing epigenomic databases.

The group is based at JetBrains. Contact person: Oleg Shpynov.



  • SPAN Peak Analyzer - semi-supervised peak analyzer
  • JBR Genome Browser - fast and reliable genome browser with supervised peaks markup and analysis
  • SnakeCharm - snakemake plugin for IntelliJ platform IDEs
  • Viktor - efficient multidimensional calculations in Kotlin

Source code

All the source code is available on GitHub.


Various presentations including journal club and talks are here.

Student Internship


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