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The number of papers published each year is steadily growing, so it becomes unfeasible for a single person to be aware of all the publications in the field of interest. Review papers solve this problem to some extent, but they cannot cover all recent releases, focusing only on those with significant impact. The necessity and demand for tools and methods to get a birds-eye view of a scientific area covering all recent works is growing.

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Pubtrends is a new service for analysis of scientific publications. It is an exploratory tool for researchers providing fast analysis of trends and discovery of breakthrough papers among the steadily growing flow of papers worldwide. The service aims to solve three tasks: give a brief overview of the field, explore popular trends in publications, and help to find new promising directions. At the moment, the service includes papers from the PubMed database and the Semantic Scholar archive. Semantic Scholar* aggregates significant journals and publishers, including Springer Nature, ACM, etc. Together, the two contain 200 mln papers and 800 mln references. PubMed database is synced regularly.

*Semantic Scholar is disabled now.



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