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Cryptographic Lab

The Cryptographic Lab is based at the Novosibirsk State University.

Our laboratory is concentrated on modern problems of cryptography and information security. Our partners are COSIC - Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography group - in Leuven (Belgium), Selmer Center in University of Bergen (Norway), University of Paris and INRIA (France), etc.

Our research areas are cryptographic Boolean functions, symmetric ciphers, lightweight cryptography, blockchain technologies, quantum cryptography, information security. We publish monographs (Elsevier) and articles in top cryptographic journals (Cryptography and Communications; Designs, Codes and Cryptography; Cryptologia, etc.). Almost all crypto courses in Novosibirsk State University are provided by our team.

We are the main organizers of the unique International Olympiad in Cryptography NSUCRYPTO. It contains scientific mathematical problems for professionals, school and university students. Its aim is to involve young researchers in solving curious and tough scientific problems of modern cryptography. For the last six years there were more than 1700 participants from 53 countries.

In 2019 we organized a Summer School on Cryptography and Information Security: three weeks 9 instructors worked on crypto projects with 26 active students.

A new video course on Cryptography for Coursera was prepared by our lab in 2019, see

A short video-trailer is available here:

Graduate students of laboratory:

  • Bader Dmitry Alexandrovich
  • Belousova Alina Aleksandrovna
  • Bonich Tatiana Andreevna
  • Valiakhmetov Ilya Vadimovich
  • Doronin Artemy Evgenievich
  • Zhuravlev Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich
  • Zavalishina Elena Vladimirovna
  • Zbitnev Nikita Alexandrovich
  • Panferov Matvey Andreevich
  • Pintus Georgy Mikhailovich
  • Shaporenko Alexander Sergeevich
  • Shishlyannikov Dmitry Andreevich

Undergraduate students of laboratory:

  • Atutova Natalia Dmitrievna
  • Bol'shim Maksim Antonovich
  • Zhantulikov Bulat Faritovich
  • Zapol'skiy Maksim Mikhaylovich
  • Zyubina Dar'ya Aleksandrovna
  • Kalinichenko Mikhail Alekseyevich
  • Nikiforov Vladislav Sergeyevich
  • Parfenov Denis Romanovich
  • Potashnikov Ilya Igorevich
  • Potashnikov Alexey Igorevich
  • Sofronova Dar'ya Alekseyevna
  • Sutormin Ivan Aleksandrovich
  • Sychov Aleksey Dmitriyevich
  • Khil'chuk Irina Sergeyevna
  • Khodzitskiy Artem Fedorovich
  • Chernikov Vasiliy Viktorovich
  • Yakovlev Artur Romanovich


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