Research group

Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Process-oriented programming, software psychology and domain-specific languages for control software (cyber-physical systems, PLCs, embedded systems, IIoT, distributed control systems, etc.), safety critical systems, requirement engineering, formal semantics, dynamic and static verification (model checking, deductive verification, ontological design).

Group teaching experiences

Graduate courses

  • Methodology of Research & Development
  • Open Systems
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Model Checking
  • Formal Methods in Software Engineering

Undergraduate courses

  • Engineering of Modern Information Systems
  • Systems Engineering and Programming
  • Process-Oriented Programming
  • Hybrid systems with ARM-architecture
  • Programmable Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Systems
  • Basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Image processing
  • OS components designing
  • Modern Software Testing and Verification Techniques
  • Functional Languages of Distributive Programming

Selected projects

  • Dynamic Verification of Control Algorithms in Cyber-Physical Systems Using Software Simulators
  • IndustrialC: a Process-Oriented Programming Language for MCU-based Automation
  • Control System for the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope
  • Using Process-Oriented Programming in LabVIEW
  • Virtual Labs for Teaching of Control Programming
  • Information Complexity: Psychological Basis for Reasoning on Pragmatics
  • Software for Physical Simulation of Large-Size Silicon Ingots Growing
  • Reflex Language: a Process-Oriented Programming Language for PLC-based Automation
  • Hyper-Automaton: a Conceptual Framework for Process-Oriented Programming
  • Automated Control System for a Silicon Single-Crystal Growth Furnace
  • VME-Based Multiprocessor Control System for CNC Machine
  • Deductive Verification of Control-Loop Based Software for Reactive Systems
  • Model Checking for Concurrent Systems
  • Formal Semantics of Programs and Program Systems
  • Ontological Design for Conceptually Complex Systems

Group Members

Vladimir Zyubin
Vladimir Zyubin
Head of Research Lab/Group
Igor Anureev
Igor Anureev
Natalia Garanina
Natalia Garanina
Tatiana Liakh
Tatiana Liakh
Andrei Rozov
Andrei Rozov
Sergey Staroletov
Sergey Staroletov