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Cyber-Physical Systems Lab


An Ontology-based Approach to Support Formal Verification of Concurrent Systems

August 2020

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Two-Step Deductive Verification of Control Software Using Reflex

July 2019

Anureev I.S., Garanina N.O., Liakh T.V., Rozov A.S., Zyubin V.E., Gorlatch S

Towards safe cyber-physical systems: the Reflex language and its transformational semantics

April 2019

Anureev I.S., Garanina N.O., Liakh T.V., Rozov A.S., Schulte H., Zyubin V.E

An Application of Test-Driven Development Methodology into the Process of Hardware Creation (a View from a Software Perspective)


Staroletov S., Fedorov V

Constructing verification-oriented domain-specific process ontologies


Garanina N.O., Anureev I.S., Zyubin V.E

Model-Driven Methods to Design of Reliable Multiagent Cyber-Physical Systems


Staroletov S. M., Shilov N. V., Zyubin V. E., Liakh T. V., Rozov A. S., Konyukhov I., Shilov I. N., Baar T., and Schulte H

A Method to Verify Parallel and Distributed Software in C# by Doing Roslyn AST Transformation to a Promela Model


Staroletov S., Dubko A

An Ontology of Specification Patterns for Verification of Concurrent Systems

September 2018

Garanina N. O., Zyubin V., Lyakh T., Gorlatch S

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Reflex Language: a Practical Notation for Cyber-Physical Systems


Automatic Verification of Control Algorithms for Complex Technological Objects on Software Simulators


The Reflex Language Usage to Automate the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope

June 2016

Tatiana Liah, Vladimir Zyubin

A hyperprocess-based approach in Arduino programming

August 2015

Andrey Rozov, Vladimir Zyubin

Operational semantics of Reflex


Anureev I.S

Process-oriented programming language for MCU-based automation


Andrei S. Rozov and Vladimir E. Zyubin

Using Process-Oriented Programming in LabVIEW

June 2010

Zyubin V. E

Information Complexity Hypothesis: a Conceptual Framework for Reasoning on Pragmatics Issues

July 2008

Zyubin V. E

Hyper-automaton: A Model of Control Algorithms


Vladimir E. Zyubin

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An Automated Control System for a Silicon Single-Crystal Growth Furnace


Bulavskij D., Zyubin V., Karlson N., Krivoruchko V., Mironov V