Research group

Machine Learning and Applications Group

The group is focused on applications of state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques in multitude of various problems.

Current projects include:

  • Deep Learning base-calling for nanopore sequencing
  • Design and optimization of computer models of intracellular mechanisms
  • Legal AI consulting
  • Machine Learning assistant for software engineering
  • and more...


  • T. Bryskin, A. Shpilman, D. Kudenko
    Automated refactoring of object-oriented code using clustering ensembles
    AAAI Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Software Engineering,
  • A. Malysheva, A. Shpilman, and D. Kudenko
    Learning to Run with Reward Shaping from Video Data
    Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Agents (ALA) at ICML-AAMAS,
  • A. Shpilman, D. Boikiy, M. Plyakova, D. Kudenko, A. Burakov, E. Nadezhdina
    Sixteenth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA),