Research group

Machine Learning Methods in Software Engineering

Machine Learning Methods are growing in popularity in every aspect of research and industry including Software Engineering. Within this group we aim to merge current state-of-the art practices in both areas to create new ways we develop and improve code.

Most of our solutions are implemented as either part of JetBrains IDE or as standalone plugins. For more detailed info on our current projects see this page.


  • T. Bryskin, A. Shpilman, D. Kudenko
    Automated refactoring of object-oriented code using clustering ensembles
    AAAI Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Software Engineering,
  • Timofey Bryksin, Victor Petukhov, Kirill Smirenko, Nikita Povarov
    Detecting anomalies in Kotlin code
    2nd International Workshop on Machine Learning techniques for Programming Languages,
  • V. Tankov and T. Bryksin
    Data-based code synthesis in IntelliJ IDEA