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Machine Learning Methods in Software Engineering

Revizor: Automating Code Changes

Timofey BryksinInactive

We develop Revizor — a tool aimed to build custom plugins for PyCharm, a popular Python IDE. A Revizor-based plugin can take change patterns and highlight potential places for their application in the developer's code editor. If the developer accepts the quick fix, the plugin automatically performs the edit. Our approach uses a graph-based representation of code changes, which allows it to support complex distributed code patterns.

Revizor is available on GitHub. Demonstration video is available on YouTube.



Revizor: A Data-Driven Approach to Automate Frequent Code Changes Based on Graph Matching

November 2021

Oleg Smirnov, Artyom Lobanov, Yaroslav Golubev, Elena Tikhomirova, and Timofey Bryksin

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