Research group

Programming Languages and Tools Lab

The laboratory is a joint project between JetBrains and the Department of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University.

This laboratory was established to carry out scientific research in the area of programming languages, compilers, and tools, and to develop and implement prototypes.

During a semester, the laboratory supplies some of its students with scholarships. Students with promising results can also be rewarded with one- or two-year research grants to complete their bachelor's or master's theses. Also, those students who successfully graduated from the laboratory and entered the postgraduate program can hold a Ph.D. research grant (as a rule, a peer-reviewed publication in English is required). In other words, the laboratory gives motivated students a chance to start their academic careers.

The laboratory is located in cubicle 3246-3251 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Stary Peterhof, Universitetskii pr-t, 28).

Besides research projects, the laboratory carries out the following activities:

  • Annual summer/winter schools.
  • Weekly global seminar.
  • Open supplementary courses. The courses are carried out each semester, once a week, and devoted to a certain topic. Attendance is open and free.
  • Post-graduate internships. The laboratory facilitates self-education and professional development of its members, who are encouraged to visit leading research groups and institutions to explore cutting-edge research topics.
  • Summer internships at JetBrains – they provide an opportunity for students to work at the company for 1-3 months. For those students who have demonstrated promising abilities at the laboratory on-site internships can be provided as well. In rare cases, an extended 5-month internship is available for outstanding students.
  • Annual mini-conference. At this event in the middle of October, students can present the results of their term papers, bachelor's and master's theses, and summer internships.
  • A seminar on reading and writing papers – developing specific skills required for reading, analyzing, and writing research papers (both in Russian and English). Dr. Dmitry Koznov supervises the seminar.
  • Annual proceedings.

New members are always welcome at the laboratory. The best way to join the group is to either attend the global seminar and open courses or choose one of the available research topics to pursue.

The ideal time to enter the laboratory is in the 4th-5th semester of a bachelor's program.

Group Members