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This project is aimed at creating a tool for heterogeneous systems (multicore CPU + many GPGPUs) programming. F# quotation translator is used for integration with GPGPU, and the wide range of F# primitives for parallel and asynchronous programming (MailboxProcessor, async, Array.Paralle, etc) simplifies utilization of heterogeneous systems.

Features of Brahma.FSharp:

  • We aim to translate native F# code into OpenCL with minimization of different wrappers and custom types.
  • We use OpenCL for communication with GPU. Thus, you can work not just with NVIDIA hardware but with any devices which support OpenCL (e.g. with AMD devices).


Grigorev Semyon
Grigorev Semyon



Extended Abstract: F# OpenCL Type Provider

September 2018

Kirill Smirenko, Semyon Grigorev

Extended abstract at TyDe 2018 (at ICFP).

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