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Programming Languages and Tools Lab

Efficient Fair Conjunction for Structurally-Recursive Relations

November 23

The relational language miniKanren is designed to be completely declarative, but one of its basic operations --- conjucnction --- has somewhat imperative properties. Both the efficiency and the convergence a conjunction depends on the order of its conjuncts. Therefore, when writing relational program, a user must independently determine the most optimal order in each case.

In the talk we consider a more declarative approach to evaluating relational programs which is insensitive to the order of conjuncts and does not introduce essential performance overhead.

The talk is based on a paper P.Lozov, D.Boulytchev "Efficient Fair Conjunction for Structurally-Recursive Relations", which is accepted for publication to the workshop PEPM 2021.

Speaker: Peter Lozov


P.Lozov, D.Boulytchev "Efficient Fair Conjunction for Structurally-Recursive Relations"

The seminar will be held in google meet on Monday, November 23, at 17:30 (google meet room: