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Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory

Joint Advanced Student School - JASS 2017

March 20 — March 26, 2017

Motivation and goal

There is lots of evidence of the following statements:

  • project-driven project-based education is much more effective in Software Engineering and other technical areas than ‘classic’ (lectures + labs) methods; renewal of the full classic courses could be totally outdated due to a very fast technology upgrade in IT;
  • real professionalism in software engineering relies not only on design, coding, math… but also on communication, collaboration and similar skills;
  • working on real projects is much more motivating than synthetic tasks;
  • students who have work experience in international team are much more prepared for professional activities in software companies around the world.

The main goal of the school is to create a place where a group of students and professors from different countries could implement short-term, project-oriented and project-driven education in joint international teams.

Event format

The event should include [at least] next types of activities:

  • Invited lectures and/or master classes on selected technologies;

Lectures/classes should be provided by Russian and German professors/professionals. The main goal is to give the technology overview; to help students to (make a big picture) get the picture of a particular domain, help to acquire a holistic comprehension of problems, solutions and challenges.

  • Work on projects in joint international student teams

This part of the event is the implementation of project-driven education. Students within joint international teams (2, 4 or 6 students in each team) develop small projects in order to apply a new domain knowledge to a particular project. Each project is being developed by team under Track supervisor (monitoring) control.


  • Duration: 5 days
  • Dates: 20-26 March 2017


Germany/Austria (Kitzbühel)




Participants should be undergraduate and graduate students with strong skills in software engineering and development. They also should be interested in new technologies, mobile devices and Internet of Things.

To apply for participation you have to fill the online form before 7 March 2017. The school organizers will contact to you. There is no reason to delay, the 'first come, first served' principle works here.

Additional information

Participation in the school is free. All travel and accommodation costs are covered by the organizers.

Contact person: Kirill Krinkin (

Find us by hashtag #jass2017