Research group

Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory

Kotlin for Android applications offline course 2017

April 16 — May 31, 2018

The offline course "Kotlin for Android applications" for high school students was held by JetBrains Research during 17/18 academic year. Participants studied following topics:

  • Kotlin syntax;
  • Kotlin OOP;
  • Git and collaboration;
  • Android applications development using Kotlin;
  • UI design;
  • Android Studio tools for debugging, profiling and testing;
  • Publishing;
  • Game engine libGDX.

As a result participants successfully developed and published two applications:

Course team:

  • Mark Zaslavskiy, JetBrainsResearch (teacher),
  • Roman Lurye, SPB ETU "LETI" (assistant),
  • Vladimir Androsov, SPB ETU "LETI" (assistant).

All lections were published openly and can be accessed by link [RU](video [RU]).