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Kotlin for Android applications offline course 2019

October 1, 2019 — April 13, 2020

About offline course

Kotlin for Android applications offline course for high school students will be held by JetBrains Research during 18/19 academic year!

During the course classes participants will develop understanding of Kotlin programming language and Android development best practices. Also students will take part in real mobile app development within small teams (3-4 students) with supervision of skilled teachers.

Participants will study following topics:

  • best practices of industrial software engineering,
  • Android Studio and IntellijiIdea fine tuning,
  • Kotlin programming language syntax and OOP,
  • Android architecture,
  • Android UI elements,
  • Android app testing,
  • debug and profiling on real and virtual Android devices.

Apps from previous related events:


Participants requirements:
- 10-11 grade,
- basic programming skill,
- interest in IT.

Classes will be held in Business center Taims (Kantemirovskaya st. 2, Saint-Petersburg) at 17-30 MSK starting from October.

You will need a laptop for participation.

Course participation is free of charge. Among the applicants will be a competitive selection based on the form applications.

To apply for participation you have to fill the form by link

before 19.09 14.00.

Number of participants is limited!

Contact person - Mark Zaslavskiy (mark.zaslavskiy at gmail dot com)

Course Results

Developed projects:

Participants (RUS):

  • Мастинен Никита (Школа 239)
  • Цирпка Денис (Школа 239)
  • Редина Лилия (Школа 239)
  • Константинов Андрей (Лицей 64)
  • Зайцев Илья (Школа 419)
  • Бушмакин Марк (533 ЮМШ)
  • Крыленков Давид (533 ЮМШ)
  • Просин Степан (Школа 634)
  • Полякова Ксения (533 ЮМШ)
  • Николюкин Антон (533 ЮМШ)
  • Дмитриева Кира (ГБОУ СОШ №436)
  • Крючков Роман (Школа 80)
  • Ткачов Денис (ФТШ 566)
  • Сафронова Валентина (ФТШ 566)
  • Королев Семён (ФТШ 566)


  • Maksim Hvostov, SPB SUT (teacher);
  • Dmitry Ivanov, SPBETU "LETI" (ассистент);
  • Mark Zaslavskiy, JetBrains Research (teacher).