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Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory

Kotlin for mobile applications express course 2019

April 15 — May 27, 2019

Express course "Kotlin for mobile applications" by JetBrains Research is open for participants!

About express course

During the course participants will learn how to develop Android applications using Kotlin programming language and how to use modern development tools. Course program:

  • Kotlin syntax and feature,
  • Android Studio setup and finetuning,
  • Android applications user interface design,
  • Android applications programming,
  • отладка приложений на реальных и виртуальных Android-устройствах.

Each class will be organized as interactive training.

Apps from previous related events:

Participants requirements

  • 9-10 grade,
  • basic programming skill,
  • interest in IT.

Classes will be held in Business center Taims (Kantemirovskaya st. 2, Saint-Petersburg) at 17-30 MSK on Mondays starting from 15.04.2019 .

You may use own laptop for participation, but it is not necessary.


Course participation is free of charge. Among the applicants will be a competitive selection based on the form applications.

To apply for participation you have to complete task by link:

Application deadline is 07.04.19 23:59.

Course results

Participants [RU]

  • Ксения Марченко (ПФМЛ 239)
  • Максим Заборов (СОШ №253)
  • Никита Богатырёв (ПФМЛ 239)
  • Нуртдинов Альфред (ПФМЛ 239)
  • Богдан Савко (Лицей 64)


  • Vladimir Androsov, SPBETU "LETI" (teacher);
  • Maksim Hvostov, SPB SUT(assistant);
  • Mark Zaslavskiy, JetBrains Research (teacher).



Mark Zaslavskiy (mark.zaslavskiy at gmail dot com)