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Head of the Laboratory of Cryptography took part in the conference "RusCrypto"

Head of the Laboratory of Cryptography Sergey Krendelev took part in the annual international scientific and practical conference "RusCrypto" devoted to topical issues of cryptography and information security.

Sergei presented two reports:

  • "Simple key exchange and triple data encryption algorithms for modules over rings" S.F. Krendelev (Novosibirsk State University, JetBrains Research)
  • "Fully homomorphic encryption in the ring of rational numbers" A.K. Vishnevsky, S.F. Krendelev (Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces, Novosibirsk State University, JetBrains Research)

The conference "RusCrypto" is a platform for communication of specialists in the field of cryptography and information protection. The event annually involves developers and their potential clients, scientists and officials, specialists from commercial and state structures.