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Seminar On Head Linear Reduction

Head linear reduction is one of the approaches to normalization of lambda-terms, which does not require neither to perform beta-reductions in their classic sense, nor to implement closures or environments. In the talk a HLR-based normalizer for STLC and its generalization for untyped case will be presented.

Supplementary materials:

1. Vincent Danos, Laurent Regnier. Head Linear Reduction, 2004.

2. C.-H. Luke Ong. Normalisation by traversals. CoRR, abs/1511.02629, 2015.

Presenter: Daniil Berezun.

Date: March 28, 2016

Time: 17:10

Venue: room 3248, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University, Stary Peterhof, Universitetski pr-t, 28