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Seminar on Traversal-based Normalization

Traversal-based normalization [1] is a non-orthodoxal technique for lambda-style computations. At the moment this approach is interesting from purely theoretical standpoint; however a novel view on such a fundamental problem might have some practical value. The purpose of the talk is twofold: first, to give an overview of the current state of the problem, and, the second, to evaluate our capability in scientific publication comprehension (since one of the original paper's authors will presumably attend the talk).

Supplementary materials:

[1] Daniil Berezun, Neil D. Jones. Compiling Untyped Lambda Calculus to Lower-Level Code by Game Semantics and Partial Evaluation // PEPM-2017.

Presenter: Dmitry Boulytchev

Date: March 27, 2017

Time: 17:15

Venue: room 3248, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University, Stary Peterhof, Universitetski pr., 28