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Superpositional linear-nonlinear modelling of multi-agent systems by tropical algebra methods

Invention of superpositional linear-nonlinear models well-known as neural networks is one of the most significant events in machine learning development. Last decade it became clear that using max-plus arithmetics (an important part of tropical mathematics) in structure of convolutional neural networks (for ReLU-activation and max-pooling layers) significantly improves their quantitative and qualitative characteristics and opens a new horizon in designing scalable deep architechtures with adequate learning procedures that were not available in previous generation of "shallow" neural models. We discuss new perspectives of superpositional linear-nonlinear modelling in consensus dynamics modelling of complex distrubuted systems including multi-agent and multi-team systems and how the tropical mathematics could resolve some intrinsic difficulties of the whole neural network approach.

Speaker: Dmitry Nikolaev.

Presentation language: Russian.

Date and Time: February 5th, 18:30-20:00.

Place: Times, room 204.

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