Aleksandr Svetlichnyi

Research Groups


Being born in Simferopol in 1997.  In 2014 finished Lyceum named after 10-year of Ukranian independence (now is Simferopol Lyceum №1) and entered Department of Problems of Physics and Energetics of MIPT. Since 2017 I am an actively work at Institute for Nuclear Research RAS in the Relativistic Nuclear Physics Laboratory under the guidance of Igor Pshenichnov. In 2018 I earned a bachelor degree in MIPT. Then I continued my education on Master at MIPT and my work in INR RAS. Since 2019, I have been combining work in the Nuclear Physics Methods Laboratory at MIPT with work at INR RAS. From 2020 I am a deputy supervisor of the master's degree at the NPM laboratory. In 2020, he received a master's degree with honour from MIPT and entered the postgraduate course at MIPT.

Research interests: spectator matter in collisions of relativistic nuclei, Monte Carlo methods and their applications. I am one of the main developers of the model for the formation of spectator fragments called AAMCC.