Artyom Filatov


Graduated in 2014 from the St. Petersburg Electro technical University with a bachelor degree. Received master’s degree in 2016 from the same University.

Main research interests: computer science, C++, algorithmic math.



  • An. Filatov, Ar. Filatov, K. Krinkin, B. Chen, D. Molodan

    SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and mapping) is one of the most challenging problems for mobile platforms and there is a huge amount of modern SLAM algorithms. The choice of the algorithm that might be used in every particular problem requires prior knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm. This paper presents the approach for comparison of SLAM algorithms that allows to find the most accurate one. The accent of research is made on 2D SLAM algorithms and the focus of analysis is 2D map that is built after algorithm performance. Three metrics for evaluation of maps are presented in this paper

    August 2017
  • K. Krinkin, An. Filatov, Ar. Filatov, A. Huletski D. Kartashov
    Proceedings 19th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT — Finland, University of Jyväskylä, 9-11 Nov 2016, Pp 99-105, November 2016
  • A. Kolpakov, An. Filatov, Ar. Filatov
    Speed convergence of Fourier series of special form
    Izvestiya SPbGETU «LETI», June 2016
  • A. Kolpakov, Ar. Filatov, An. Filatov
    The Heaviside step function approximation with Taylor polynomial of exponent
    Izvestiya SPbGETU «LETI», April 2016