Artyom Degtyarev

Artyom Degtyarev


Graduated from Chelyabinsk physical and mathematical lyceum №31 in 2017. Student of DPPE MIPT, institute of Nuclear Research RAS.


Design of the Event Metadata System for the Experiments at NICA

September 2021

Alexandrov E., Alexandrov I., Degtyarev A., Gertsenberger K., Filozova I., Klimai P., Nozik A.,Yakovlev A.

Information systems of experiments make a significant contribution to solving automation tasks of data collecting, storing, processing and analysis, and are used to support a lot of types of experiment activities. The article is devoted to one of information systems being actively employed in particle collision experiments—Event Metadata System, which provides a database containing information on summary properties of physics events and references to their storage location, and ensures fast search through stored event metadata. The Event Metadata System for the NICA experiments is based on the Event Catalogue and provides recording and managing information being necessary for a convenient search for events required in physics analyses. 

Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters

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