Alex Polovian

Alex Polovian

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Software developer with a strong passion for math.

Started my professional career as a web developer in a bunch of conventional IT firms. Later on moved to financial area where worked in FX brokerage back office (and one prominent start-up, of course :)). Presently my hands are dirty with synaptogenesis and neuroplasticity modelling and analysis in the BCNNM project.

Have a great interest in cellular automata, blockchain tech stack, ML, data analysis & visualisation and graph methods in CS.


BCNNM: A Framework for in silico Neural Tissue Development Modeling

January 2021

Dmitrii V. Bozhko, Georgii K. Galumov, Aleksandr I. Polovian, Sofiia M. Kolchanova, Vladislav O. Myrov, Viktoriia A. Stelmakh and Helgi B. Schiöth

Front. Comput. Neurosci

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