Konstantin Chaika


Graduated in 2016 from the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University with a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics.

Graduated in 2018 from the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University with a master degree in Software Engineering.

Now - PhD student

Professional Activity

Is the winner of competitions in the application of AI technology in the management of automated guided vehicle AI-DO2 and AI-DO3 as part of the teams JBRRussia and JBRRussia1.

Educational activities

Konstantin teaches the discipline "Programming" for first-year students of SPbSTU LETI.

Read open lectures on Duckietown and AIDO in CSC and discussion platform Yasnaya Polyana

He is a co-author of online courses:



  • Konstantin Chaika

    The paper describes the definitions of industry 4.0 and the factors that influence their formation. It describes the areas that it affects and which are involved in the formation of a new generation industry. Paper also discusses problems that arise in areas related to industry 4.0 when combining them and possible ways to solve them, especially the organization of the production process. Making a focus on properties of software for industrial devices.

    International Scientific Journal Industry 4.0, January 2020
  • К. В. Чайка , К. В. Кринкин , Ар. Ю. Филатов , Ан. Ю. Филатов
    Архитектура программных систем в контексте технологий Индустрии 4.0
    Сборник докладов XXII Международной конференции по мягким вычислениям и измерениям (SCM-2019), 2019
  • Берленко Т.А., Заславский М.М, Чайка К.В., Кринкин К.В.
    Материалы XXV международной научно-методической конференции //Современное образование: содержание, технологии, качество, 2019