Danil Sagunov

Danil Sagunov

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Danil pursued his Bachelors Degree from Saratov State University. There he was mostly participating in programming competitions like ACM ICPC. He was also teaching high school students in programming and algorithms there.

Then he graduated with distinction from Saint Petersburg Academic University, pursuing Masters Degree in theoretical computer science. He presented the results of his first publication as a master thesis there. Now Danil is a PhD student at Saint Petersburg Department of Steklov Institue of Mathematics under supervision of Ivan Bliznets. Danil's research is focused mostly on parameterized algorithms and graph problems. His research interests include:

  • parameterized algorithms
  • exact algorithms
  • algorithms for NP-hard problems
  • kernelization
  • computational complexity
  • graph problems, algorithms and parameters

Additionally Danil teaches bachelor students in algorithms in Saint Petersburg State University.


Diverse Pairs of Matchings

December 2020

Fedor V. Fomin, Petr A. Golovach, Lars Jaffke, Geevarghese Philip, Danil Sagunov

ISAAC 2020: The 31st International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation

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Building Large k-Cores from Sparse Graphs

August 2020

Fedor Fomin, Danil Sagunov, Kirill Simonov

MFCS 2020: 45th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

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On Happy Colorings, Cuts, and Structural Parameterizations

September 2019

Ivan Bliznets and Danil Sagunov

WG 2019: Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science

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Lower Bounds for the Happy Coloring Problems

July 2019

Ivan Bliznets and Danil Sagunov

COCOON 2019: Computing and Combinatorics

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Solving Target Set Selection with Bounded Thresholds Faster than 2^n

January 2019

Ivan Bliznets and Danil Sagunov

13th International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IPEC 2018)

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