Aleksei Dievskii


Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University in 2006 as a specialist in Mathematics. In 2013, Aleksei received his master's degree in Bioinformatics from the Saint Petersburg Academic University.

Taught at Saint Petersburg secondary schools, as well as at SPbU, ITMO, and SPbAU.

Joined BioLabs in June 2012.

Currently lives and works in Munich, Germany.

Professional Activity

Speaker at Systems Biology Workshop by IFMO university, Bioinformatics Insitute and Washington University in St.Louis, 2019

Academic Advising

Improving Span, Elena Kartysheva, 2019


  • Epigenetic changes in aging human monocytes - joint research project of Healthy Aging in collaboration with Maxim Artyomov’s laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Semisupervised Peak Analyzer
  • SPAN Peak Analyzer and JBR Genome Browser can be used separately as general-purpose peak caller and genome browser, respectively. However, together, they can serve as a complete solution for peak calling. The semi-supervised peak calling approach is capable of improving peaks consistency in datasets with different signal-to-noise ratio, as well as obtaining the best peak calling results for individual samples.


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    bioRxiv preprint, May 2020
  • O. Shpynov, A. Dievskii, P. Tsurinov, et al
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  • В. А. Диевский, А. В. Диевский
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  • М. В. Бондарко, А. В. Диевский
    Non-Abelian associated orders of wildly ramified extensions
    October 2009
  • BioLabs Researcher
    • study of human aging
    • bioinformatic tool development
    • maintaining open-source libraries