Alexey Dievsky


Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University in 2006 as a specialist in Mathematics. In 2013, Alexey received his master's degree in Bioinformatics from the Saint Petersburg Academic University.

He is a teacher at secondary schools No. 371 (Moskovskiy district) and No. 642 (Vasileostrovskiy district), SPbU, ITMO, and SPbAU.

Joined BioLabs in June 2012.



  • В. А. Диевский, А. В. Диевский
    Теоретическая механика. Тестирование базовых знаний
    October 2010
  • М. В. Бондарко, А. В. Диевский
    Non-Abelian associated orders of wildly ramified extensions
    October 2009
  • BioLabs Researcher
    • Working with ChIP-Seq data