Ekaterina Noskova

Ekaterina Noskova


Ekaterina graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of Saint Petersburg State University in 2016. After she have got her masters degree in Bioinformatics at Saint Petersburg Academic University. Now she is a researcher in Computer Technologies Laboratory, ITMO University.

Supervisors: Vladimir Ulyantsev, Pavel Dobrynin

Personal page: enoskova.me

Research interests: demographic history, population genetics, optimization problem, genetic algorithm.

Professional Activity

During base research Ekaterina developed an application based on the genetic algorithm for reconstructing and testing models of demographic history from the allele frequency spectrum. The results of the study led to the creation of a new software called GADMA (Genetic Algorithm for Demographic Model Analysis), which has been proven to be efficient and has already been used to analyze human population genomic data for the Genome Russia Project.


GADMA: Genetic algorithm for inferring demographic history of multiple populations from allele frequency spectrum data

January 2019

Ekaterina Noskova, Vladimir Ulyantsev, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Stephen J O'brien, Pavel Dobrynin


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