Oleg leads bioinfomatics group at JetBrains Research laboratory. Works in the laboratory since 2013.

In 2008 he graduated cum laude from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University. During 2008-2010 he was a Ph.D. student in SPbSU, faculty of mathematics and mechanics, system programming department. As a professional software developer, took part in the development of major JetBrains products: flagship tool IntellIJ IDEA, PyCharm, etc. Creator of the IDE Rubymine. His main focus was in languages support from lexical analysis to advanced type system development and verifications.

Oleg is interested in bioinformatics, machine learning, compilers, and ACM programming. Enjoys traveling, hiking, snowboarding, diving, cycling, and photography.

More information is available on the LinkedIn profile.

Professional Activity

  • Semi-supervised solution for robust peak calling of Low Input ChIP-Seq at ECCB 2018
  • Semi-supervised peak calling solution, a poster at Biata 2018: The Second Annual Scientific Conference, from algorithms to applications
  • Multi-omics dissection of Healthy Human Aging Focusing on CD14+/CD16- Monocytes, a poster at Keystone Symposia 2018: Aging, Inflammation and Immunity
  • Pipeline for epigenetic profiling of multiple histone marks in aging of monocytes, a poster at Immunology Program Retreat at Washington University School of Medicine, 2016
  • Machine Learning and Intelligence School, Microsoft Research, 2015
  • Yandex school of Data Analysis Conference, Yandex, 2014
  • Participated in various conferences on Ruby On Rails as a company representative and a speaker.

Academic Advising

2 master dissertations were successfully defended under Oleg's supervision.


  • Automated Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram construction for epigenetics data
  • ChipQuery - public epigenomics databases search and analysis
  • Semisupervised Peak Analyzer
  • JBR - genome browser with peak calling functionality, multiple locations mode, and more
  • Main research project — aging project in collaboration with Artyomov's Lab.
  • CMeth Completed
    CMeth is a tool for analysing and comparing replicated WGBS data


  • BioLabs Head of Group, Researcher