Research and development engineer.

Graduated cum laude from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University.

Works with BioLabs since 2013.

Interested in bioinformatics, machine learning, compilers, ACM, traveling, hiking, snowboarding, diving, cycling, and photography.

More information is available in LinkedIn profile.


  • A tool for analysing and comparing replicated ChIP-Seq data
  • ChipQuery - public epigenomics databases search and analysis
  • GemlBee - genome multilocations browser
  • Main research project — Aging project in collaboration with Artyomov's Lab.
  • CMeth Completed
    CMeth is a tool for analysing and comparing replicated WGBS data
  • Causal epigenomics Completed
    Unified approach to deal with data in terms of predicates with deep knowledge of domain
  • BioLabs Head of group
    • Group management
    • Computational pipelines development
    • Students supervision