Elena Kartysheva

Elena Kartysheva

Research Groups


Graduated from the St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Statistical Modeling department in 2019 and ITMO&JB Software Engineering master program in 2021 . In 2019, Elena completed a year-long course in Bioinformatics at the St Petersburg Academic University.

Research interests include statistics, machine learning applications in life science (e.g. predictive chemistry). 

Professional Activity

Researcher on machine learning project in biology and medicine.

Teacher on Probability Theory and Statistics course at Bioinformatics Institute.


Integrating Statistical and Machine-Learning Approach for Meta-Analysis of Bisphenol A-Exposure Datasets Reveals Effects on Mouse Gene Expression within Pathways of Apoptosis and Cell Survival

October 2021

Lukashina, N.; Williams, M.J.; Kartysheva, E.; Virko, E.; Kudłak, B.; Fredriksson, R.; Spjuth, O.; Schiöth, H.B.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

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