Marat Akhin

Research Groups


Being a researcher in the field of computer science and software engineering, Marat has participated in various R&D projects, with a particular interest in software analysis techniques and productivity tools.

From 2011 till 2013, he’s been working on his PhD, every once in a while getting side-tracked by getting engaged in industrial software development. After reevaluating his priorities in 2014, he decided to focus on doing actual research and put his PhD on indeterminate hiatus.

Currently, Marat is working as a researcher in Verification or Program Analysis Laboratory of JetBrains Research, doing various projects with and about Kotlin programming language.  

Professional Activity



ReduKtor: How We Stopped Worrying About Bugs in Kotlin Compiler


Daniil Stepanov, Marat Akhin, Mikhail Belyaev

ASE 2019

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Borealis Bounded Model Checker: The Coming of Age Story

September 2017

Marat Akhin, Mikhail Belyaev, Vladimir Itsykson

Present and Ulterior Software Engineering (pp. 119--137)

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Message from the editors


G. Chernishev, M. Akhin, B. Novikov, and V. Itsykson

CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 1864

Distributed Analysis of the BMC Kind: Making It Fit the Tornado Supercomputer


Azat Abdullin, Daniil Stepanov, Marat Akhin

TMPA 2017: Tools and Methods of Program Analysis (pp. 1--10)

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By the power of SMT! Mining Function Contracts to Better Bounded Model Checking

September 2016

Azat Abdullin, Marat Akhin

SoftwareMining 2016: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Software Mining

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Random Model Sampling: Making Craig Interpolation Work When It Should Not

December 2015

Marat Akhin, Sam Kolton, Vladimir Itsykson

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, Volume 49, Issue 7

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Discovering Clones in Software: from Complex Algorithms to Everyday Desktop Tool

October 2015

Marat Akhin, Alexandr Suhinin

CEE-SECR '15: Proceedings of the 11th Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia

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Visualization of Execution Paths for Concurrent Programs


Marat Akhin, Andrei Eleshevich

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Applications in Information Technology

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Software Defect Detection by Combining Bounded Model Checking and Approximations of Functions

December 2014

M. Akhin, M. Belyaev, V. Itsykson

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, Volume 48, Issue 7

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Improving Static Analysis by Loop Unrolling on an Arbitrary Iteration


М. Belyaev, М. Akhin, V. Itsykson

Humanities and Science University Journal, #8

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Tree Slicing: Finding Intertwined and Gapped Clones in One Simple Step

December 2013

M. Akhin, V. Itsykson

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, Volume 47, Issue 7

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Обнаружение клонов исходного кода: теория и практика


Ахин М.Х., Ицыксон В.М.

Системное программирование. Выпуск 5

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Автоматическое обнаружение дефектов в программных системах на языке C на основе статического анализа


Ицыксон В.М., Моисеев М.Ю., Ахин М.Х., Захаров А.В., Цесько В.А.

Технологии Microsoft в теории и практике программирования: материалы межвузовского конкурса-конференции студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых Северо-Запада

A Regression Test Selection Technique Based on Incremental Dynamic Analysis


M. Akhin, V. Itsykson

Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR)

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Алгоритм интервального анализа для обнаружения дефектов в исходном коде программ


Ицыксон В.М., Моисеев М.Ю., Цесько В.А., Захаров А.В., Ахин М.Х.

Информационно-управляющие системы. №2

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Алгоритмы анализа указателей для обнаружения дефектов в исходном коде программ


Ицыксон В.М., Моисеев, М.Ю., Ахин М.Х., Захаров А.В., Цесько В.А.

Системное программирование. Выпуск 4

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Автоматическое обнаружение дефектов программных систем на основе метода проверки модели


Ицыксон В.М., Захаров А.В., Ахин М.Х., Мяснов А.В.

Научно-технические ведомости СПбГПУ. Информатика. Телекоммуникации. Управление. №5

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