Nina Lukashina

Research Groups


I've been working as machine learning researcher in Machine Learning Applications and Deep Learning lab at JetBrains Research since 2019. 

My current research focus is on Graph ML and geometric ML in general. Also I aim to apply machine learning to practical problems, especially those related to biology, chemistry and medicine.

I have master's degree in Information Science and Computer Engineering (2017, Peter the Great Polytechnic University). Due to my high interest in life sciences, I also have additional education in Algorithmic Bioinformatics (2019, Bioinformatics Institute).

In 2014-2018 I had been working as software engineer with main focus on server-side application technologies. Many of the projects were related to life science domain: inventory management system, distributed systems for bioinformatics computations, bioinformatics tools optimization etc.


Solving Traffic4Cast Competition with U-Net and Temporal Domain Adaptation

November 2021

Vsevolod Konyakhin, Nina Lukashina, Aleksei Shpilman

Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021) Traffic4cast Competition

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Integrating Statistical and Machine-Learning Approach for Meta-Analysis of Bisphenol A-Exposure Datasets Reveals Effects on Mouse Gene Expression within Pathways of Apoptosis and Cell Survival

October 2021

Lukashina, N.; Williams, M.J.; Kartysheva, E.; Virko, E.; Kudłak, B.; Fredriksson, R.; Spjuth, O.; Schiöth, H.B.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

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Lipophilicity Prediction with Multitask Learning and Molecular Substructures Representation

December 2020

Nina Lukashina, Alisa Alenicheva, Elizaveta Vlasova, Artem Kondiukov, Aigul Khakimova, Emil Magerramov, Nikita Churikov, Aleksei Shpilman

Machine Learning for Molecules Workshop at NeurIPS'2020

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