Peter Klimai

Peter Klimai

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Born in 1984 in Kurgan, Russia. Studied at MIPT (2001-2007), with post-graduate study at INR RAS.

In 2010 defended Ph.D. thesis in physics ("Constraints on number density of primordial black holes and their cosmological consequences").

Author of 30+ scientific papers. Some of the most interesting results include:

  • A connection between primordial density perturbations, induced gravitational wave background, and primordial black hole number density is revealed.
  • Primordial black hole production in several inflationary models is studied, including hybrid inflation waterfall, curvaton, and axion inflation models.
  • Temporal and energetic parameters of primordial black hole flare during last instants of its lifetime were calculated. Parameterizations of the results were obtained, in a form useful for experimental data analysis. These results are still being used in works of several collaborations.

Currently works on developing scientific software as well as building IT infrastructure for physical experiments. The main programming language tools used are Kotlin and Python.


Design of the Event Metadata System for the Experiments at NICA

September 2021

Alexandrov E., Alexandrov I., Degtyarev A., Gertsenberger K., Filozova I., Klimai P., Nozik A.,Yakovlev A.

Information systems of experiments make a significant contribution to solving automation tasks of data collecting, storing, processing and analysis, and are used to support a lot of types of experiment activities. The article is devoted to one of information systems being actively employed in particle collision experiments—Event Metadata System, which provides a database containing information on summary properties of physics events and references to their storage location, and ensures fast search through stored event metadata. The Event Metadata System for the NICA experiments is based on the Event Catalogue and provides recording and managing information being necessary for a convenient search for events required in physics analyses. 

Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters

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Development of Information Systems for Online and Offline Data Processing in the NICA Experiments

July 2021

Gertsenberger K., Alexandrov I., Filozova I., Alexandrov E., Moshkin A., Chebotov A., Mineev M., Pryahina D., Shestakova G., Yakovlev A., Nozik A., Klimai P.

Acquiring, storing, processing and analyzing experimental and simulated data are an integral part of all modern high-energy physics experiments. These tasks are of particular importance in the experiments of the NICA megaproject at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) due to the high interaction rate and particle multiplicity of ion collision events. Therefore the task of automating the considered processes for the NICA complex is a very urgent topic. This article describes the status of the development of new information systems as well as a set of convenient information services for collaboration members to automate storing and processing of data and information on the experiments. The Geometry Information System and Online Electronic Logbook, which are on the final stage of implementation, are presented. In addition, the design of the Condition Database and Event Metadata System, which are scheduled to be completed next year, are described in detail. The systems provide storing of information required for event processing and physics analysis and organize a transparent, unified access and data management throughout the life cycle of the scientific research in the NICA megaproject. One of the key aspects—the integration of the information systems with the experiment software systems—is also presented.

Physics of Particles and Nuclei

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