Marina Polubelova


In 2015, Marina graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty at the St. Petersburg State University with a bachelor's degree in Software and Administration of Information Systems. Currently she is a first-year student at a master’s program.



  • Marina Polubelova, Sergey Bozhko, Semyon Grigorev

    There are numerous toolchains designed for certified programming, but F* is the only language that support both general-purpose programming and semi-automated proving. We work on the application of this technique to a grammarware research and development project YaccConstructor. We present a work in progress verified implementation of transformation of Context-free grammar to Chomsky normal form, that is making progress toward the certification of the entire project. Among other features, F* system allows to extract code in F# or OCaml languages from a program written in F*. YaccConstructor project is mostly written in F#, so this feature of F* is of particular importance because it allows to maintain compatibility between certified modules and those existing in the project which are not certified yet.

    Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming, August 2016
  • Marina Polubelova, Semyon Grigorev
    Systems and Means of Informatics, 2016
  • Semen Grigorev, Ekaterina Verbitskaia, Andrei Ivanov, Marina Polubelova, and Ekaterina Mavchun
    Proceedings of the 10th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2014, 2014