Graduated in 2016 from the Saint-Petersburg State University, Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty, Software Engineering Department with a bachelor's degree.

Currently, Rustam is a master’s student at SPbU, Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty.

Professional Activity

  • Graph parsing
  • Functional programming



  • R. Azimov and S. Grigorev

    Path querying with conjunctive grammars is known to be undecidable. There is an algorithm for path querying with linear conjunctive grammars which provides an over-approximation of the result, but there is no algorithm for arbitrary conjunctive grammars. We propose the first algorithm for path querying with arbitrary conjunctive grammars. The proposed algorithm is matrix-based and allows us to efficiently apply GPGPU computing techniques and other optimizations for matrix operations.

    Programming and Computer Software, December 2019
  • Rustam Azimov, Semyon Grigorev
    GRADES-NDA '18 Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGMOD Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences & Systems (GRADES) and Network Data Analytics (NDA), June 2018
  • Rustam Azimov, Semyon Grigorev
    arXiv, July 2017