Yaroslav Sokolov

Yaroslav Sokolov

Research Groups


Graduate student at Higher School of Economics, Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Alumnus in St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Software Engineering Department.

Areas of interest: (full-stack) deep learning, GPGPU programming.

Professional Activity

Integrating recent deep learning approaches into IDE Code Completion


Evaluation of the Context-Free Path Querying Algorithm Based on Matrix Multiplication

June 2019

Nikita Mishin, Iaroslav Sokolov, Egor Spirin, Vladimir Kutuev, Egor Nemchinov, Sergey Gorbatyuk, and Semyon Grigorev

Recently proposed matrix multiplication based algorithm for context-free path querying (CFPQ) offloads the most performance-critical parts onto boolean matrices multiplication. Thus, it is possible to achieve high performance of CFPQ by means of modern parallel hardware and software. In this paper, we provide results of empirical performance comparison of different implementations of this algorithm on both real-world data and synthetic data for the worst cases.
Proceedings of the 2nd Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences & Systems (GRADES) and Network Data Analytics (NDA)

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