Tatiana Liakh

Tatiana Liakh


Tatiana V. Liakh was born in Novosibirsk, in 1990. She received the M.S. degree in physics from the Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, in 2013.

Tatiana Liakh is a researcher of the Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS since 2016, and lecturer at Novosibirsk State University since 2011.

In 2020 she defended her Ph.D. degree in technical sciences in the specialty 05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and program complexes.

Professional Activity

Cyber-Physical Systems, Dynamic verification, Formal Verification, Automatic Control Systems and Robotics.


Verifying Reflex-software with SPIN: Hand Dryer Case Study

July 2020

Tatiana V. Liakh, Natalia O. Garanina, Igor S. Anureev, Vladimir E. Zyubin

XXI International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices, Novosibirsk, 29 June - 3 July 2020, P. 210-214

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Two-Step Deductive Verification of Control Software Using Reflex

July 2019

Anureev I.S., Garanina N.O., Liakh T.V., Rozov A.S., Zyubin V.E., Gorlatch S

Preliminary Proceedings of A. P. Ershov Informatics Conference (PSI-19). A. P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems: IPC NSU, Novosibirsk, Russia, Akademgorodok, Russia

Towards safe cyber-physical systems: the Reflex language and its transformational semantics

April 2019

Anureev I.S., Garanina N.O., Liakh T.V., Rozov A.S., Schulte H., Zyubin V.E

14th IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON-2019). Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Tomsk. P.1–6.

Model-Driven Methods to Design of Reliable Multiagent Cyber-Physical Systems


Staroletov S. M., Shilov N. V., Zyubin V. E., Liakh T. V., Rozov A. S., Konyukhov I., Shilov I. N., Baar T., and Schulte H

Proceedings of MACSPro 2019 : Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems and Processes, Vienna, Austria

An Ontology of Specification Patterns for Verification of Concurrent Systems

September 2018

Garanina N. O., Zyubin V., Lyakh T., Gorlatch S

New Trends in Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques – Proceedings of the 17th International Conference SoMeT18, Granada, Spain

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Reflex Language: a Practical Notation for Cyber-Physical Systems


System Informatics 12 (2018), pp. 84–104

Automatic Verification of Control Algorithms for Complex Technological Objects on Software Simulators


Vestnik NSU. Series: Information Technologies 16.4. In Russian, pp. 85–94.

The Reflex Language Usage to Automate the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope

June 2016

Tatiana Liah, Vladimir Zyubin

17th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices (EDM).