Natalia Tokareva


Graduated from Novosibirsk State University (Department of Information Technologies - 2004, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics - 2006), Novosibirsk, Russia. In 2008 received a Ph.D. Degree from Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia.

2008 Fellowship of the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
2012 Fellowship of KU Leuven, Belgium (COSIC)
2018, 2019 Fellowship of University of Bergen, Norway

Professional Activity

Scientific research, teaching, supervision.

2009-till now a Senior researcher at Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
2011-till now an Associate professor at Novosibirsk State University
2011-till now a Head of Cryptographic center (Novosibirsk), see
2014-till now a General chair of NSUCRYPTO - the International Olympiad in Cryptography, see

Research interests:
Cryptographic Boolean functions. Block ciphers and S-boxes.
Cryptanalysis of symmetric ciphers. Light-weight cryptography.
Biometric data in cryptography. Blockchains. Quantum cryptography.
Discrete mathematics. Combinatorics. Graph theory. Algebra.

Academic Advising

PhD supervison
Nikolay Kolomeec (defended in 2014)
Anastasiya Gorodilova (defended in 2016)
Valeria Idrisova (defended in 2019)
Alexander Kutsenko (since 2018)
Alexey Oblaukhov (since 2018)
Polina Sazonova (since 2019)
Dmitrii Kondyrev (since 2019)
Roman Lebedev (since 2019)
Alexander Tkachev (since 2019)
Ilya Koryakin (since 2019)

MS supervison
Alina Belousova (since 2018)
Alexander Shaporenko (since 2018)
Dmitry Bader (since 2018)
Artemii Doronin (since 2018)
George Pintus (since 2018)
Elena Zavalishina (since 2019)
Nikita Zbitnev (since 2019)
Dmitrii Shishlyannikov (since 2019)
Ilya Valiahmetov (since 2019)

BS supervison
Dariya Zyubina (since 2019)
Irina Khilchuk (since 2019)