Viktor Kondratiev

Viktor Kondratiev


In 2017, graduated from the Mathematics Faculty of Irkutsk State University with a bachelor's degree. After that graduated from the magistracy at the Irkutsk National Research Technical University. Now i am a postgraduate student and programmer at the Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory.

From 2017 to 2020 was a performer in the grant of the Russian Science Foundation No. 16-11-10046 "Application of parallel and distributed algorithms for solving the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) to cryptanalysis, the search for combinatorial structures and the study of discrete models of collective behavior".

In 2018 received a 1st degree diploma for a report at the International Student Scientific Conference.

One of the authors of the SAT solver that won the SAT Race in 2019.

Professional Activity

  1. SAT solving
  2. Development heuristic SAT solving techniques
  3. Discrete functions inversion with SAT solving
  4. Decision diagrams