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Анонс релиза Plotly.kt

August 21

21.08.2020, 15.00 (Moscow time), https://meet.google.com/brv-kvna-uyh

The seminar is dedicated to the release announce of next version of Plotly.kt library. The release includes numerous new features:

  • It includes almost full coverage of basic Plotly API
  • Custom pages and basic dashboards
  • Dynamic (real-time) updates via Ktor server
  • Experimental support for Kotlin Jupyter kernel.

The seminar will consist of two parts:

  • The details of inner workings of Plotly.kt model and dynamic update mechanics (Alexander Nozik)
  • Example plots and API details (Ekaterina Samorodova)

The seminar language is English.


The record will be available in JetBrains research youtube channel.