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19 ноября

Today we'll have a look at delimited continuations (delimCC in short): a refinement of not so famous feature of LISPs named call-with-current-continuation (callCC in short). Originally callCC didn't have any abilities to reduce a scope of continuation being captured, delimited continuations doesn't suffer from this problem.

We'll start from some simple example and build intuition how programs are working. After that we'll present formal semantics and talk how add types to our calculus and will discuss answer type polymorphism.

Материалы к докладу:

1) Kenichi Asai, Yukiyoshi Kameyama. Polymorphic Delimited Continuations

2) http://okmij.org/ftp/continuations/index.html: коллекция ссылок по теме от Олега Киселева

3) Туториал Олега Киселева, использует язык Ochacaml: http://pllab.is.ocha.ac.jp/~asai/cw2011tutorial/main-e.pdf

4) Olivier Danvy, Andrzei Filinski. A Functional Abstraction of Typed Contexts - оригинальная статья о delimCC.

Докладчик: Дмитрий Косарев